About Us

“High-Quality Natural & Affordable Goods!”

PETANI is a brand which symbolizes quality and affordable pricing, while making the best use of natural materials to ensure sustainability & low environmental impact. The brand boasts a wide range of products to meet the gamut of needs. PETANI caters to men, women and children who prefer attractive and modern products made from natural materials. For many consumers, it is no longer just about the appearance, but product choice has become important for maintaining a healthier life style. Thus, every day an increasing number of customers pledge their loyalty to PETANI – a brand that can be trusted.

The main composition of our products consist of natural materials, such as cotton, leather, paper, natural threads, etc.

Products under our brand are manufactured using both machine and manual methods.

At present, we produce wool and cotton socks, leather jackets and shoes, and luxury notebook gift sets.

Buy PETANI products today, and experience a comfortable & healthier lifestyle!