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Privacy and Security policy

Thank you forshopping at PETANI LLC is responsible forprotecting the privacy and confidentiality of our online visitors andcustomers.

What Information WeCollect

When you shop at,we may ask you to register and/or provide us with a variety of information,including your name, the name of your company, mailing address, email address,phone number, or other information.

To make yourshopping experience enjoyable and efficient, we may use the information youchose to provide to us to process, track and fulfill your order and give youthe information that we believe may be interesting or helpful to you.

PETANILLC does not share any personal or business information of the customers withthird parties, unless required by the law or under the circumstance asdescribed below. PETANI LLC reserves the right to notify theappropriate authorities when we suspect illegal activity or when some otherreasonable basis exists. Also, PETANI LLC may share some personal orbusiness information necessary for the performance of services with thecompanies that provide such services to us.

Every time youvisit our website, certain information, such as your IP address, browserinformation and reference site domain name, is being collected and storedautomatically. We also collect and store information about customer trafficpatterns and website usage. We use this data to analyze and improve our websitein order to provide our customers with a better shopping experience.

Periodically, wepartner with trusted third parties to create promotional events and contestsfor our valued customers and visitors. All personal and business informationreceived through your participation in these events is subject to our Privacyand Security Policy, as well as the policies of our promotional event partners.Any information of our customers is retained as long as it is necessary tofulfill the purposes for which it was collected and to comply with theapplicable laws and regulations.

We Use Cookies toEnhance Your Experience

PETANILLC uses “cookies” in order to provide a better service to our customers."Cookies" are small data files that a website sends to your browser,which are then stored on the hard drive of your computer in order to collectinformation related to your use of this website. At PETANI LLC, weuse cookies to recognize you when you return to our website, remember yourpreferences and measure the effectiveness of our site, services, content andadvertising.

If you desire, youcan set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you theopportunity to decide whether to accept or decline it. If you do not want toreceive cookies, you can disable them by changing the preferences in yourbrowser settings. Please note that certain features of our website will not beavailable once cookies are disabled.


At PETANI LLC, we offer those who sign up for our email list information about sales,new merchandise, store openings and other updates. The email addressescollected through our website are used internally and by our trusted businesspartners. If you want to unsubscribe from our email list, use the link weprovide at the bottom of each email from PETANI LLC. You can alsomake changes to your communication preferences through your account online orby contacting our Customer Service via telephone. Once you chose tounsubscribe, we will immediately remove your email address from our mailinglist. Please note that when you make an online purchase with PETANILLC, we confirm your order status and shipment by email. We may also contactyou via telephone if we have questions or to provide you with the informationabout your order.

Sharing PersonalData

PETANILLC does not share any personal information that your provide to us online orthrough our Customer Service Department, except with your consent as describedbelow.

We partner withthird parties to perform such services as payment processing and authorization,fraud protection and credit risk reduction, product customization, orderfulfillment and shipping, marketing and promotional material distribution,website evaluation, data analysis and data cleansing. These third parties areauthorized to use the personal information of our customers only in connectionwith the performed services.

Occasionally,PETANI LLC may offer you the opportunity to purchase products andservices provided by third parties. If you take advantage of any of theseproducts or services, we will provide your personal information to these thirdparties, authorizing them to use this data only in regard to the services theyprovide.

We reserve theright to share non-personal information of our customers with our marketingpartners, advertisers and others. Examples of such non-personal informationinclude the number of customers who visited our website during a specific timeperiod or purchased a specific product through this website. This informationis usually shared in an aggregated form.

As our businessdevelops, it is possible that we may purchase or sell online stores and otherassets. Because the customers’ information is often among the transferredassets in these transactions, we require the acquiring party to follow thepractices described in this Privacy and Security Policy.

Safe Shopping

Please be awarethat email is not considered a secure means of transmitting sensitiveinformation, including credit card numbers. Therefore, we will never ask forsensitive information via email, and if you receive an email that appears to befrom PETANI LLC requesting sensitive information, it might be a scamdesigned to steal such information, so do not respond.

Social Commerce

We work withtrusted third parties, including social network sites, to connect to yoursocial networks. We receive this type of access to our site through thirdparties and business partners in order to generate interest in our productsamong the members of your social networks and to enable you to share about yourexperience with us with your social media friends and followers.

This may result inyour information being collected or shared by us or the third party.Information collected or shared through social media is considered PublicInformation under this Privacy and Security Policy because the third partysites made it publicly available. If you do not want us to be able to accessany information from such third party sites you must instruct these third partysites not to share your information. We do not have any control over the usageof your data by third-party sites or to whom it is concerned. We stronglyadvise you to review the privacy policies and settings of your socialnetworking sites to make sure you understand the information they are sharing.PETANI LLC is not responsible for the usage of your data by anysocial media website. Nevertheless, we do control the areas of our websitewhere third parties may share your information.

External Links

Petani-style.comcontains links to websites owned by third parties. Please review the privacypolicy of any website you access through our website. PETANI LLC isnot responsible for the third party’s privacy and security practices.

Policy Updates

PETANILLC reserves the right to update this Privacy and Security Policy and will makecustomers aware of any changes. Please note that our Privacy and SecurityPolicy is incorporated into this website’s Terms and Conditions. By visiting,you agree to accept any updates made to this policy.


Whenever weannounce a contest or sweepstakes on our website, please note that it will beaccompanied by a set of rules. The rules for each contest/sweepstakes willspecify what kind of information we need to collect from you in order for youto participate and how we aim to use it.

Contact Us

If you have anyquestions regarding our Privacy and Security Policy, please contact ourCustomer Service department.