Air Dress Socks Crew – 3 pack Rich European Thin Bamboo Khaki Beige Tan Sock

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  • 75% bamboo and 25% polyamide
  • UNIQUE COMFORT AND STYLE – Presenting the PETANI premium men’s casual dress socks! The most elegant and stylish men's dress socks for every modern man! If you are looking for a heavy-duty yet fashionable pair of white socks, that you can match with any outfit, then look no further! Our socks men pack is the prime choice
  • HIGH QUALITY BAMBOO MATERIAL – Make sure that your feet get top priority treatment with the unisex AIR SOCKS no-nonsense mercerized 75% bamboo women or men socks! You will be amazed by the soft and breathable material, the cushioned and lightweight design and the incredible support of our womans or ladies socks
  • THE PERFECT ACCESSORY FOR EVERY OUTFIT – You can rest assured that our elite European-designed, men’s cotton ivory white socks are the ideal choice for every outfit! No matter the style, casual formal or athletic, these breathable and stylish fashion mens socks are going to perfectly compliment your outfit! Look sharp and sophisticated without compromising on your feet’s comfort
  • HEAVY-DUTY YET SOFT DESIGN – Say goodbye to holes and poor elastic grip or support by choosing the premium boys dress socks! Our breathable, comfortable and soft design will make sure that sweat and irritation are never a problem for you again! Plus, the antibacterial and high quality blend of bamboo and polyamide will keep your feet safe and dry with our sox for men
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY – Our premium bamboo casual men's socks 3-pack comes in sizes M, L and XL, based on standard USA shoe sizes! In addition, we confidently back our elite stylish mens crew socks with a unique, hassle-free 100% satisfaction guarantee, just to put your mind at ease


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Are you tired of always discovering holes in your new pair of socks?

Do you constantly struggle to find a pair of socks that is breathable and soft?

The answer to your problems is finally here!

Presenting The Premium AIR SOCKS Casual Beige Bamboo Dress Socks!

The most comfortable and lightweight socks, which will ensure your feet’s comfort and support!

Due to the 75% bamboo and 25% polyamide design, you can rest assured that these men’s ivory beige fashion socks are ultra-breathable and super-soft!

Our classic and luxury, cushioned, long dress socks are the perfect way to keep your feet dry and comfortable!

Designed To Match Your Style!

You can finally own a pair of premium, khaki socks that can match your every outfit, be it formal, casual or athletic!

The AIR SOCKS men’s beige extra-soft and breathable socks are the prime choice when it comes to style and comfort and come in sizes M, L and XL!

Due to their versatility, our elite bamboo socks will make a perfect gift for every man or woman who wants to look sharp and fancy without compromising on feet comfort and moisture control!

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

We, at AIR SOCKS, believe that your feet deserve top priority treatment when it comes to comfort, cushion and support!

That’s why we pride ourselves in designing the most comfortable and breathable beige bamboo fashion socks, that even high-demanding women choose for their support and style!