Designed in the US & produced in Europe. Our socks are breathable, ultra-soft and long-lasting with perfect fit & gift packaging.

"Great composition of men's socks - wool and cotton work very well. I like what they are soft and warm. What can be better!?)))  Breathable, comfortable, well fitted, thinner material, no itch."


"I absolutely love these socks. These are my favorite socks....they are high enough to wear with my hiking boot and look really good with flats too.. Comfortable and cute. Really warm too!!"


"This are a great quality black color socks. Very well expose the leg and do not slip. I like that I can wear it with everything. The socks stays up and comfortable. Not heavy and great for summer. Also allows for sufficient air flow, which keeps feet from perspiring. A great item for everyday uses."

Dov & Rachel Lasry


Luxury gift sets for those who like to stand a class apart - crafted with a high level of attention to details.

"I love this book. Got it for my daughter, but now I want one for myself. Every detail looks amazing. High quality, nice details, perfect for gift."


"This is my second notebook from this company. I bought it as a gift for my co-worker-woman. It is a very stylish notebook with amazing color and filled with a high grade cream paper.. The size is perfect, and it will be easily fitted in her purse. It would be a very good gift for any occasion. I would recommend it."


"It was a gift for my fiancée. I couldn’t even describe how satisfied she was as if I made her a proposal once more. Yes, she likes such beautiful and cute things, because she’s a perfectionist. Now she notes down there everything we plan for our wedding. It’s cool that there are also blank sheets, so she could draw us where we would stay, where our quests, etc. The notebook itself is quite compact, so she has no problems with carrying it on each meeting with our wedding photographer, video operator, and so on. As for me, I also plan to buy the same or maybe the black one of this brand"



Make your baking more appealing & inviting using our decorative paper wrappers, have peace of mind with the FDA-tested quality, and impress your guests and customers like never before!

These are great little tart pans for a small breakfast casserole bake. These tart shells remind me of the small breakfast bake pans they use at Panera. They're especially great if you want to do an assorted bake with different add-ins. I would recommend them to anyone! These pans are a great single serving size.

Elizabeth Feaganes

These little devils are wonderful. I used them for our traditional Yorkshire pudding rolls (which are always “iffy” extracting from the muffin pan), and not only were they amazing to cook with, but were the hit of the dinner party.

Leonard Mathes

This is really convenient and so cute. We cooked with my daughter Apple pies. Everything cooked well, good size, so you can eat one pie per time.

Andrew Frost